Video ‘How to: Paint Grot Skin’

In this short video, I’ll be showing a quick and easy method of painting up a Grot’s skin for your Ork army. With the Grots being the smallest bar snotlings, I like to get them looking pretty light and bright. This method is quick to do in batches and will have their skin looking good for the tabletop.

I’m starting with the skin of the smallest, and working up to a Warboss.

A full breakdown of colours used is below the video.


Paints used:

Citadel Skarsnik Green
Citadel Warboss Green

Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade

Dry Paints:
Citadel Niblet Green

Citadel Medium Layer Brush (old and battered)
Citadel Small Layer Brush (Old and losing it’s point)

Recorded on iPhone 6

Tripod: Joby Grip Tight Micro Stand