Hobby Guilt 2018 – Part 4

Hello and welcome to another post in our lovingly titled Hobby Guilt series. If you haven’t been following along, it’s the time of year where we realise how many unpainted models we have and desperately try to paint them all. We then give you an overview of how we painted them so that you can paint your own forces.

First up this week is Mike:


The first week of our two week turnaround was quite busy for me, helping my parents to move house. So I didn’t get much painting done. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to make it look like you’ve done more. They’re called washes.

I really want to get a playable force of Fyreslayers painted, but these angry fleshy duardin are quite longwinded to paint. I’ve quickened the process by basecoating colours that are going to have the same wash in one go. As you can see here, I’ve painted the flesh Chadian Fleshtone, the Retributor Gold and the Orange, before giving them a Reikland Fleshshade wash.


While they were drying I did some work on the Stormcast Eternal I also desperately want to get painted. Some of these you will recognise from the starter set, which I got on release and haven’t painted since. Oops.

They’re now highlighted with Temple Guard Blue, and the white has been given a basecoat of Celestra Grey before being given a 1:1 wash of Drakenhof Nightshade/Nuln Oil. Still plenty to do, but each colour you add makes them feel more finished:

You may have seen me mention my Flesh Tearers before. This tactical squad is almost the end of the army, giving me three troops choices and the ability to field a battalion detachment. I just have the details to do after highlighting the black with Eshin Grey. Almost there!

For some reason I decided to assemble two Kill Teams for Kill Team. My first was the Deathwatch, which as you can see I’ve done no work on. The second are these Necron Immortals. I’ve loved the Necron since I got a free model on the front of White Dwarf. These are simply sprayed Leadbelcher and washed with Nuln Oil Gloss, and they already look great. I really recommend the gloss washes, they do not stain like the matt ones.

The purple sun of Shyish! All I’ve done this week is undercoat it with Vallejo Black Primer. But look at it and weep in fear!

I showed you a Dark Angles squad I had rescued in the last post, and here they are now. Even with a black basecoat on they look much better and almost good as new. Scraping off some of the remaining mould lines definitely helped:

I had also talked about finishing my Necromunda gang. I love the Escher ganger models, and I love how customisable everything for Necromunda is. I was worried when I first saw them that they would be single pose and single fit. Although it has to be said, assembling the face and hair as separate pieces is a bit mad. I can’t remember how many times I dropped those faces, but here they are in their full glory:

And finally, I managed to get a bit more of my Kataphron Destroyers built. I got this far because I decided to order some weapons housings from a bits site, so that I could magnetise the weapons. I hate choosing weapons for builds, because I always chose the ones that are really bad because they look cool. As mentioned I like options.

That’s all from me. Not a bad week, but I would have liked to have got some more painting done.


Well, two weeks have passed and I feel I don’t have a whole lot to show for it. Hobbywise I’ve not had a lot of time for painting, but I have managed a few bits and pieces.

Firstly, I’ve finished the Meganobs. If you follow us on youtube you may remember the Meganob with a Kustom Force Field being painted up for a video. Since then I’ve been working on the other four in an effort to get them done. Thankfully they now are! The models themselves are great, with a ridiculous amount of detail. As I’m painting them up for gaming I’d wanted to do a quick paint job on them, but failed spectacularly, and the felt like they took an age to paint. With two old metal ones and three of the newer plastics, it’s nice to have a five ork squad now ready to hit the table.


Since last time I’ve recorded two short tutorials to our youtube channel. I’m wanting to follow the old fluff that an ork’s skin gets darker the older and tougher it is, so decided that my grots will be a lot lighter and brighter, while the orks will get darker the bigger they get. The two below are the quick and easy skin colours from the videos.


Space Wolf Kill Team

After selling all my Space Wolves earlier in the year, I decided that I’d finally build the Kill Team I’ve been wanting to build since I bought the boxed game. I wanted to make them all look a little individual which I think I’ve managed, with a Comms Specialist, Gunner and Sniper or Scout – I’ve not decided yet – in the team.


I’ll be recording a Space Wolf video soon, so I started to play about with some colours on one of them before I do. He’s far from finished, but it shows the general direction I’m going. One thing I will say; I’ve really enjoyed painting him. I’m not sure if it’s Primaris in general, or just the Wolves, but it’s nice to paint something with smooth surfaces. I think the Death Guard and Orks have made me realise the fun of a nice smooth miniature.


That’s all for this week. I’m hoping to hammer through more orks in the next couple of weeks.

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