Hobby Guilt- Post 5

So we are over half way along our Hobby Guilt period now. Everyone is working on very different armies and, as you may have seen, we are also prone to getting a little distracted! This week it is Dave and Adam’s turn to show what they have been working on. For their last update you can click here, or to go back to the start of the series, here.


Now don’t be too surprised, but there are actually some finished models to show off! 22 of them to be exact. That’s two full Rifle squads for the Russians, 158 points, and half of the box that I was hoping to complete.

These were a fairly easy win for me, as I have already painted around 50 infantry for my Russians so all the colours and techniques are boxed off. The base colours for the padded jackets are Vallejo Japanese Uniform, and the Greatcoats are Vallejo English Uniform, while the helmets are Vallejo Olive Green.

They have then been washed with Citadel Agrax Earthshade and re-highlighted using the base colours. Normally, I would then add a further highlight, but I like my World War 2 minis to look suitably drab and dirty.

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The bases are Citadel Snow, but with two applications of the snow on top of one another. I find that this gives a much better look as the coverage can be a bit thin with one application.

You can leave some space around the edges of the area with only one coat by applying the glue only to the centre of the first layer. This helps to make the build up look a bit more natural, with thinner snow coverage around the edges of the patches.

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There are still six Machine Gun loaders, a Sub-Machine Gun squad and the ZIS anti-tank gun to finish building and painting before my Communists are finally completed.

Continuing with the WW2 theme, I have managed to get all the bases done on my Flames of War infantry and started to get some basecoats down. For this I have been following the Painting Guide in the back of the ‘Late War Armies’ Flames of War book and using a proxy chart to convert the colours from the Flames of War official paints into those I have: khaki in one range is khaki in another, surely?

A top-down view of the FOW going on holiday… to not get painted.

So that’s how far I have got with these. It would have been more, but I was working away most of this week and the models I took with me didn’t get done. I actually had to work hard for once! You can see I prefer painting infantry over vehicles as my Flames of War vehicles are in exactly the same state as they were at the start of the process.

That aside, I have made a bit of progress on my ShadeSpire Stormcast knights; basecoats only so they don’t look too great right now but they are on their way. After the bases are finished, I think I will then paint these one at a time as single models, taking similar time to what I would spend on character models. It will be slower going but worth it for the finished result (I hope!).

So all in all, I am happy to have reported some fully completed models but there is still a lot to do over the next three weeks if I am going to get everything done for when the new toys arrive at Christmas time. Wish me luck!



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