Hobby Guilt 2018 – Part 6

Welcome to another exciting (?) instalment of Hobby Guilt, where the chaps at the Brush and Boltgun try and work through some of the unbuilt and unpainted miniatures that litter our hobby spaces like dead leaves litter the streets at this time of year.


Over the past two weeks there’s been limited hobby time, and this has been down to the horrendous sickness which I was kindly passed on from my offspring. Washing your hands and wiping down surfaces does literally nothing to protect you when someone sneezes or coughs in your face from a couple of inches away. It was similar to the sickness that she passed on about two months ago, only this time I kept having to go to bed and actually rest (tiny violins, engage!).

So, working around that, I managed to get this chap finished for last week’s video. 


He’s one of five Intercessors and two Reivers I’m using for a Space Wolf Kill Team, so I wanted them to look as nice as possible. Looking at the images it’s time for my old White paint to be binned, as you can see a number of slightly lumpy bits there. It’s finally on the turn.

I’ve also been working on the rest of the Kill Team:


The other two haven’t been worked on yet, one being used for a video in the coming weeks, and the other being the test model who hasn’t been touched since I started him.

The only other things I’ve managed have been a little bit of playing about with an Ork Trukk, and the skin of an Ork Nob who I’ve been painting up for a short video.


Sadly that’s all I’ve managed to get done for this post. Here’s to the next one just before New Year, where hopefully there should be a lot to display.

Over to Mike for his update!


I have done some more work on only three of the things that I showed you last week, but that progress hasn’t been much, which just goes to show how much things at this time of the year can get in the way of hobby, such as travelling to London for your work Christmas party. I hope to get some more hobby done this coming week. What’s that? I need to buy Christmas Presents?! Ho ho oh…

Since last week, I’ve painted the Purple Sun purple and given it a wash of Nuln Oil. This model has really grabbed me and I want to see it painted. Be careful with washing models this size, to make sure that it doesn’t pool. I kept a wet brush to clean off any excess:

I love Fyreslayers, but all I’ve managed to do since last time is paint some black on the weapon hafts. This stage of details is a bit fiddly, so I don’t enjoy it. Once I can get some shade on the next lot of details and start highlighting, I will be a lot happier. They look cool though:

The Flesh Tearers are coming along as well. I’ve given all the details the basecoat colours and given them a wash of Agrax Earthshade. The next stage is layering and highlighting, which will make them look pretty much finished. Then on to bases:

Not content with the number of models I have to paint, I felt guilty about models that I’m yet to put together. Grand Master Voldus has been sat in the Triumvirate of the Primarch box since it was released (When was that again?). So, one evening this week when I was feeling a bit rough, I put him together instead:

I’ve also started working on some of the Primaris I have from the 40k Started set which came out last year. I bought some Ultramarines Upgrades for the multipart models (These guys are going to accompany my Guilliman I painted), so I’m working on adding ultra symbols to the push together/easy build models:

And some final progress this week. I don’t think these guys ‘count’ for Hobby Guilt as I’ve only had them a few months, but I have primed all of these Nighthaunt white. I really want to have a game with these, so I’m desperate to get them painted. You’ll also see the scenery boxed which I have finished assembling in the last two weeks:

So, there’s some progress at least. Not much, but at least it’s nothing. I hope Christmas gives me an opportunity to get some hobby done as it’s my main mode of relaxation. 

I hope all get to do some hobby this Christmas or during the holiday season too! 

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