Hobby Guilt- Post 7

So here’s to another Hobby Guilt post. It’s nearly Christmas, the goose is getting fat and we still have a tonne of unpainted models!

It’s Adam and Dave up again to attempt to show some progress towards the targets they set themselves at the start of November.

If you want to see where they were up to last time you can click here, or go back to the start of this mini-series here.


I am in a very strange position this week, in that I can report back-to-back successes! Last post, I had finished 22 Russian Riflemen. Not to be outdone, this week I also finished another 22 Russians!

This time they were a more varied bag, comprising some loaders for my LMGs, a mortar team and a ZIS-3 anti-tank gun. These were all painted using the same techniques as described in my previous post.

Having a set of colours and processes already established certainly speeds things along. It also helps when the remainder of the army was painted two years ago, now the new models don’t stick out like a sore thumb! For this reason, I have started writing my ‘recipes’ into a little black book.

Russian Group 2

However, this isn’t my only success. I have finished another 80… yes 80 models!

Ok, fair enough, they are 15mm Americans, and ok, they are just basecoated and washed but I think as a mass they look pretty sharp!

Just before the wash is applied. It’s only basecoats, but it works!

I will be doing a painting guide for these chaps somewhere down the line, but for now here is the full platoon:

What do you mean this is less than 400 points?!

Now I just need to get on and finish their transports and accompanying armour. Oh, and artillery… no rest for the wicked!

Not content with this, I also pushed on with my Shadespire knights, who, as I have mentioned before, were lovingly converted for me by Dave. These are progressing well from the last week. In a bit of the breakthrough I managed to get the bases so I was happy with them:


They now really do look like they are in the deserts of Khemri in the World-That-Was. Having a Knights of the Blazing Sun Templar force for Warhammer Fantasy, it did hurt to have the Knights Panther as the leader, but he does look the part!

All of the knights have now got their colour schemes finalised and had a bit of work done on shading and highlights, so hopefully next week these can be finished in their entirety: out hobby guilt summary is on 30th December so there will be a reckoning then!

With that in mind and just one week to go, I have to set realistic targets. I am not going to get any work done on my Pirates for Blood and Plunder, but I might just have time to get my American Indians ready for Dead Man’s Hand, so these have been added to the painting table and a few colours added.

Fingers crossed I can get these done, that would give me four of my five suggested projects for Hobby Guilt with solid progress made. Wish me luck!

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