How to: Paint Primaris Space Wolves, part 3

If you’ve not read part 2 yet, head here, and you can link to part 1 there.

Reiver face mask

Many moons ago, the fluff for the Space Marine Chaplains had their wearing the bones of their predecessor, including the skull – the Emperor only knows why they had such odd skulls, but there was something about this that I wanted to bring about in the Reiver’s face masks. They had to be bone coloured.

I started off with a base colour of Citadel Rakarth Flesh, which was washed with Citadel Seraphim Sepia shade. Once the shade was dry, I reapplied Rakarth Flesh being sure to leave the shade visible in the recesses.

Next I added Citadel Ushabti Bone to the Rakarth Flesh, which gave the mask a bone colouring. I highlighted this by adding white to that mix, and highlighting the top edges of all the details, such as the teeth, nose, and eye sockets.


I have a bit of a standard colour scheme I use for Astartes scabbards, so if you’ve seen any of my Sons of Horus or other miniatures with the odd scabbard, chances are they’ll be exactly the same as these. It comes down to a replica Roman Gladius I had years ago, which had the red colour, with a gold-brass coloured top and bottom. It looked ace, but it means that I can’t paint scabbards any other colour without thinking they don’t look right.

The red was painted with Citadel Mephiston Red, washed with Citadel Druchii Violet, and then the red was reapplied, leaving the shade around it’s edges.

The gold was based with Citadel Retributor Armour, shaded with Citadel Agrax Earthshade, then the Retributor Armour was reapplied. A highlight was added using Citadel Liberator Gold

Finally, the small strap was painted Citadel Mournfang Brown and shaded with Agrax Earthshade. I didn’t highlight or reapply the Mournfang Brown as it is such a small piece you wouldn’t notice anyway – or maybe that’s just my eyes, because I can’t tell! I painted the buckle with Vallejo Model Air Chrome, before washing the buckle with Citadel Nuln Oil.


The pouches on most miniatures were always painted khaki, or olive green whenever I had to do them. Don’t get me wrong, it looks fine in other colours, but the colour maybe blended in a little too much on Space Wolves. So I thought I’d try a different colour, more like the official version.

I started with Mournfang Brown, shaded with Agrax Earthshade before reapplying Mournfang Brown. As some of the details on the pouches are quite smooth, I tried to highlight the tops of the smooth ridges as best as possible. I added some white to the Mourngfang Brown and added a further highlight to the pouches. Finally, I painted the buttons with Model Air Chrome on the Intercessors, and black on the Reivers.

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