March to War 2019, Part 2

We have less than a week to go and we’ll be a month down. Let’s see where we’re up to in this year’s March to War.


Built: 823 Painted: 0

When I picked up Speed Freeks, I thought that two vehicles and six bikes was a reasonable price, and the vehicles looked superb. I purposefully didn’t build them so that I could use the points for March to War. It turns out, that warbikers are remarkably cheap – handy, as I have eleven in my Ork army now. At 156 points, it’s not a massive amount of points, but every little helps.

Built: 823 Painted: 90

With all the new Orks cropping up on and around my desk, it was only fitting that the Warboss was painted first. With his Kombi-weapon with Rokkits, and Power Klaw, he comes in at 90 points. Not ground breaking, but nice enough for one miniature.


Built: 1038 Painted: 90


Other than that, I’ve mainly been working on a bunch of miniatures at the same time, painting some parts while the shades dry on others. So far nearly finished, I have the Shokkjump Draksta which will weigh in at 120 points. It’s a lot more painting and detail than the Warboss, but it looks great and I couldn’t not paint it.

As a hat tip to the GW painter who painted the targeting system for an X-Wing on one of the new vehicles, I’ve painted the crew in similar colours to the Rebel Pilots, and the Grot has a Tie Fighter targeting computer.


There’s been a little progress on the Flash Gitz Battlewagon, with a few details here and there.

I’ve also been working on some Death Guard Blightlord Terminators. Although there’s only five of them, they come in at over 200 points, but they do take a lot of work. It’s good to finally get some paint on them as they’ve been undercoated since release.

Finally, it’s been around for years, and I’ve still not finished painting it. Sadly I can’t claim build points, but the stompa should assist with the painted points in the coming month.

There’s not much progress on anything else, but we still have Mike’s update below. Take it away, Mike!


That’s me! So I have been making some steady progress amongst getting distracted by other things such as the three jobs I’m currently doing. 

The main bulk of the March to War is going to come from the Imperial Knights I am painting, starting with this Knight Valiant that I have also built for this challenge. I’ve been painting this over on our Twitch channel, so if you want to catch up on how I’m getting on, head over there on Tuesday evenings ( 

So far it has been sprayed leadbelcher, then some areas were given a basecoat of Balthasar Gold to break up the colour a bit. Then I washed it with Nuln Oil and then, once that had dried, Agrax Earthshade. As you can see this has already given it lots of detail and shading. The next stage will be to drybrush this with Necron Compound. 

Built: 594 Painted: 0

This would give me 594 points of painted models, which is a decent chunk of the 2019 needed. So I also decided to finish off my Knight Warden, even though I wouldn’t get the building points. (I can always build some models in the last week to make up for it).

As you can see, the same method has been used to paint this. I never thought I would be batch painting Knights, but there you go. (The Knight Warden would give me another 474 painted points – Totalling 1068. Not bad for two models!)

And the final part of this little house of batch painting is the Knight Armiger Warglaive, which is one of my favourite models. Again, I’ve used the same method with this, but frankly, it’s a lot quicker than the other two.

So the next stage will be to drybrush these models. They really shouldn’t take too long to finish (famous last words? Maybe!), so I hope to have them done by the end of next month, then I can focus on filling in the rest of the points. 

This little guy would give me another 177 painted points (totalling 1245 – leaving only 774 to paint)

Built: 594 Painted: 0

The next thing on my painting table is just finishing off a unit of Celestial Vindicators Stormcast Eternals Liberators. This is just liberators, but I’ve also thrown a Knight-Incantor in there for fun and some extra points.

Celestial Vindicators

As you can see, they’re not far from being finished either. These models would give me an extra 40 for the Liberators and 80 points for the Knight-Incantor. (So my running total of almost painted models is up to 1365 points – only 654 to go!)

Built: 594 Painted: 0

Finally in regards to progress this week are my Adeptus Custodes. I haven’t made any progress on the Shield Guardians I showed you last time, but I have brought the Allarus Custodes up to the same level so that I can hopefully paint them together. 

Allarus Custodes

These too have been sprayed Retributor Gold, then given a gloss varnish (Halford’s Gloss Lacquer). They were then shaded with a mix of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and gloss medium. 

As I also assembled these this month that puts my built total up. They also will give me a painted total of 264 painted points (running total 1629 – If I get all this done, I only need 390 more points of things to paint!) I currently also need to build 1161 more points worth of models. Getting there!

Built: 858 Painted: 0

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