March to War, part 3

We’re almost two thirds of the way through the March to War 2019 challenge, so let’s see how things are shaping up.


Well, as standard, I’m starting to panic that I’m not going to complete this challenge. It’s March on Friday, and I don’t feel like I’m two thirds of the way through my painting. The Knights are going well, but when I think about the Custodes, there’s a lot more to do on them. Let me take you through it.

So, they Knights are going well as I said. They should be finished by the end of March, but will I have any time to paint anything else?

The core metals are all finished, and I’ve just this week finished the three laters of Screaming Skull to give the bone colour. This now just needs a recess wash of Agrax Earthshade and then an edge highlight of White Scar. (Since taking these photos, I’ve tried it on the Warglaive and it looks great!)

I’ve also blocked out the other main colours, which need the same treatment in their own respective colours.

Then I just need to pick out the rims in silver and then transfers and they’re done. They definitely feel like they’re in the final stages:

Next up is the Stormcast, which I didn’t mention in my intro. They’re a bit of a pet project amongst all these, as I may not need the points. I love this Knight-Incantor model. As you can see, I’ve painted the gold, I need to finish the Silver and then paint the other details:

Next are the Adeptus Custodes. Gods, I love these models, but every time I think about painting them I want to run and hide. I’m currently working on the gold, which needs a highlight of Liberator Gold, then Stormhost Silver. I’m hoping that once this most daunting and laborious part is over that they will speed up. Most of the detail is gold. Then there’s the silver and black for weapons, their capes and gemstones. I deliberately avoided bare beads for this squad, to save time and as they’re not characters.

These shield guardians are at the same stage and I’m trying yo batch paint them all. Again most of the detail is gold, such as the shields. The Vexilla also has some white details, but that should only take a few minutes. Fingers crossed I can get them done:

Brush and Boltgun are visiting Warhammer World in April for the doubles tournament and Chris and I are playing Necrons. There’s only one slight problem: when we bought the tickets at the beginning of this month I only had one unit of Immortals and one unit of Deathmarks assembled and only the Immortals with any paint on them. So I’m going to be building Necrons for my building points and painting what I can before blitzing them in early April.

There isn’t much left to do on these immortals. I’m working on the gold starting with a base of Balthasar Gold, then onto the teal:

Over to you, Rob. Hope you’re doing better.


Well, I’m defo behind. I’ve had a busy time the past month or so which has hampered progress, but there’s still light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been trying to build while I haven’t had too much time to paint, so have bolstered the painting points a bit. Sadly, it’s not a lot, because Genestealer Cults are ridiculously cheap on points!

Built: 1038 Painted: 210

First up though, some painting I have done! The Ork Shokkjump Dragsta is a great vehicle and really fun to paint. Also, they look superb! I decided to paint up mine like the JPS Lotus 77, and there’s a series of posts on how it was painted here on Brush and Boltgun. The model itself is amazing and so full of little details that really bring it to life.


Built: 1038 Painted: 310

The Kustom Boosta-Blasta is another superb model, and I painted it up as a hat tip to the Nux Wagon from Mad Max: Fury Road (if you’ve not seen it, I recommend it). With a cry of ‘Witness me!’ the Warboyz race into battle ready to run their foes down or die trying. Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of point relying on shooting with orks.

Built: 1038 Painted: 447

The next piece of March to War painting comes in the form of Lord Felthius. Disgusting and vile, he’s a magnificent addition to the Death Guard. With him not having specific rules in the codex, he’s officially a Lord of Contagion with a Manreaper, coming in at a whopping 137 points.


Built: 1362 Painted: 521

Realising that the painting is definitely my slowest increase in points since January, and I’m far from than halfway overall, I thought it best to make the most of some relatively quick to paint, and reasonably point heavy miniatures. So, I’ve made a start on my Lamenters. I’ve had the miniatures since release and used them for build points last year, and finally, they’re having a lick of paint. First up, the Primaris Lieutenant. I loved the yellow on Dave’s orc Bloodbowl team (here), so have used a brush version of that.

Built: 1362 Painted: 521

With the launch of the new Genestealer Cult troops, I couldn’t not expand my GSC army. So, we have the Jackals, Jackal Alphus, Nexos, Clamavus and Hybrid Metamorphs. Sadly, for the whole lot, and a whole evening building, it’s only 324 points… I should have built another three Felthius’s.

As we’re want to do here, I also became distracted when I was trying to clear some things off my desk, so, I’ve finished the Space Wolf Kill Team I’ve been working on for a while (which you can also see over a number of posts). Sadly these don’t count toward the March to War, but they do look nice. There’s one extra, but for a group shot that’s fine.


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