Black Legion/Chaos Space Marine painting techniques

With the release of the new Chaos Space Marine kits, my focus obviously shifted from everything else that I need to do, onto the Warmaster’s forces. The techniques I’ll be covering in these posts are all on Black Legion, but the processes can be used for a number of different forces.

I’ve used all these techniques on the miniatures below so you can see some finished results.

You can find videos showing all of the techniques below on the recent Black Legion videos; How to paint a Black Legionnaire, How to paint Abaddon the Despoiler and How to paint a Master of Possession over on the Brush and Boltgun Youtube channel.

Black Armour

To begin with, the miniature has been undercoated with Halfords Matt Black Primer. You can see in the first pic that after undercoating the miniature, I’ve then scraped away the mold lines leaving a stripe of bare plastic. It’s not a worry though, using Vallejo Black I covered up any areas that may have been missed or partially covered by the undercoat, and any areas where the undercoat catches the light too much.

Once I was happy with the black base coat, I then highlighted any areas that would catch the light with Vallejo German Grey. It’s such a dark, matt grey, that when you highlight with it the miniature still stays almost Black, but you can see the highlight. I then highlighted it one more time with Citadel Mechanicus Standard Grey within the German Grey, and on some of the edges which would catch the light.

Armour Trim

When I first looked at Black Legion a year or so ago – I was switching from Red Corsairs to Black Legion after becoming sick of painting red – I was painting the armour trim a deeper gold, starting with Citadel Retributor Armour. With the latest releases though, the Games Workshop trim seems to be lighter, but grubbier looking.

With that in mind, I started with a base coat of Citadel Liberator Gold, which I then washed with Citadel Agrax Earthshade. Now although the Agrax darkens it, it didn’t give the trim that grubby look that I was after, so I added a layer of Citadel Nuln Oil to really darken it up. Once the shades were dry, I reapplied some Liberator Gold to the areas that would likely be scuffed or easily cleaned, leaving plenty of grime still in the recesses.

The final highlight was a mix of Liberator Gold and Vallejo Model Air Chrome. This was applied to the edges and very tips of any gold trim that would catch the light. It really does make the edge of the armour stand out but without being as obvious as a normal edge highlight.

Another method of painting gold can be found on the video How to paint Stormcast Eternals gold armour. This is a deeper gold which begins with Retributor Armour.

Red Cloth

Red Cloth is one of my favourite things to paint (along with Stormcast Eternals). It’s simple but looks great with a bit of effort. First off, I basecoated the loincloth in Citadel Mephiston Red, then washed it with Citadel Druchii Violet. Next, I reapplied the Mephiston Red, leaving the Druchii Violet visible in the recesses.

To highlight, I added some Citadel Fire Dragon Bright to the Mephiston Red and applied it to the cloth, ensuring that I left the Mephiston Red around the edges of it. I mixed another highlight, adding more Fire Dragon Bright and only applied it to the areas of the cloth that would catch the light from above. As a final highlight, I added more Fire Dragon Bright to the mix, and highlighted the top edges of the cloth, and the lower edge of the holes in the loincloth.

That’s all for part one. More techniques will be coming over the next couple of weeks, so if there’s any specific parts of the Black Legion you’d like to see covered just shout out.

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