Army Challenge: Seven Years War Prussians pt.2

Two months on from my last post, what have I achieved? The answer, not very much!

 There has definitely been a lot of work, unfortunately mainly in my office and not on this army. That said, I am now in a perfect position to start up with a true batch painting schedule.

Why, I hear you ask? Well, four things are now in place:

  1. All models are now assembled
  2. All models are now undercoated
  3. All models are now based
  4. I have a book of uniforms to make these guys accurate

I didn’t help myself towards my goal of all completed within 6 months by buying more models for this army. On top of the 128 infantry, 36 cavalry and two guns, I added a further 54 infantry, two cannon and two generals!

I now feel almost as alone and surrounded by enemies as a young Frederick the Great in 1755….

Of these, the Generals, Guns and 8 Infantry were Front Rank miniatures. The remainder were from Wargames Foundry who had a 25% sale on. More bang for my buck!

To keep things simple, I bought a rattle can of Halfords black primer and sprayed all the models once they were cleaned up and based. One nice day was all I needed, rather than a gruelling session with the airbrush!

Once this was done, I have done my regular speed painting tip of going over the models with Abaddon Black to fill any gaps in the spray and then basing up the models using:

a) base of Rhinox Hide

b) drybrush Terminus Stone

c) drybrush Tyrant Skull

As well as setting me up to batch paint like a boss, this was partially a stalling tactic for my book to arrive: Armies of the Seven Years War: Prussia and Allies from Partizan (I got my copy from Caliver Books).

This book is perfect for any Rivet Counter, including as it does details of coats, trousers and even button colours for every regiment taking part in this conflict on the Prussian side. Whilst I will be trying to keep to the detail as much as possible, there may be a bit of license applied, mainly due to my colour blindness!

With the arrival of this book, I have worked out how I am going to do each of my colour schemes.

Fortunately, most Prussian infantry wear blue coats: 180 infantry in Blue makes it easy. Then the pants are different colours, either Straw, White or Yellow.

White, Straw and Yellow pants (1st, 7th and 15th Regiments, for you mega-nerds out there).

After having a go at three units, I have all my colours planned (until I get to odd units like the Skirmishers and Cavalry.

This is all colours besides buttons, shabraques and sabres completed. These unit specific details will now come more easily when I have  reference!

The kind-of-painted bit two units mainly done, one a bit done and one(at the back) just with blue coats and basecoated flesh.

40 models (almost) down and 200+ to go by the end of June. If  I’m going to hit that target I’d better stop writing and get painting!

See you soon with more progress… I hope!