How to Paint Black Legion Obliterators

With the launch of the Shadowspear boxed game, Chaos Space Marine players and new acolytes were blessed with two new Obliterator miniatures. Gone were the hunched and funny looking Obliterators of old, to be replaced with two superb miniatures, that looked intimidating rather than looking like they had a bad back and were crawling about looking for some dropped change. The original three I had I’d cut apart at the knees and hips to stand them upright, so they looked like the towering death dealers they should have been, because before that they just looked like they were in clip.

I posted a video on our Youtube channel painting up the other Obliterator from start to finish, and thought it could be handy to post up about painting the other one. These posts won’t be a start to finish, but rather all the major sections shown layer by layer.


I wanted to paint up the skin for this Obliterator using a different colour from the first, so decided on Vallejo Dark Flesh, which is a sickly yellow/orange colour. Once dry, a coating of Citadel Reikland Fleshshade was applied. This was followed by reapplying Dark Flesh, making sure that the. shade was left in the recesses, and also that the join between the shade and Dark Flesh was soft and not a flat, straight line. I do this my pushing the brush back and forth gently with little paint on so that it spreads out, rather than a straight downward stroke.

I highlighted this with a mix of Dark Flesh and Vallejo White, then repeated this with a second, lighter highlight, where I’d added more White to the previous mix. The final thing to do on the flesh, was use a little Carroburg Crimson to go around the edges where the skin goes around cables, joins armour, is torn and revealing things beneath, etc.


The Armour was a really simple method because I wanted to keep the Black as dark as possible. After the Black undercoat, I then painted each of the armour panels with Vallejo Black. I highlighted all the areas that would be catching light from above using Vallejo German Grey, followed with some highlights along the bottom edge of any gouges, and along the top edge of any ridges.

Armour Trim

The armour trim follows a tried and tested method I’ve used on the Black Legion miniatures so far, and also the last few layers of the method I use to paint Stormcast.

First off, I paint the trim with Citadel Liberator Gold, then wash with Agrax Earthshade. Once dry, I reapply the Liberator Gold, before finally highlighting with a mix of Liberator Gold and Vallejo Model Air Chrome. I tried to only use this highlight on areas that would catch the light from above, so top edges, sections of curved surfaces, etc.

* the fifth image below isn’t displaying the caption, but it should read ‘Liberator Gold followed by Agrax Earthshade.

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