Video ‘How to paint a Black Legion Helbrute’

In this video I’ll be painting up a Black Legion Helbrute to get it looking great for your tabletop. These bipedal behemoths have a great choice in weapons, but I opted for lascannons and a power scourge. Mainly because I’ve loved the stopping power of lascannons since Rogue trader, and the power scourge looks great. If you’re painting up a Black Legion helbrute and want a reasonably quick and easy method, try this out.

A full list of paints used can be found below the video:

Paints used:
Citadel Mephiston Red
Citadel Wazdakka Red
Citadel Rakarth Flesh
Citadel Mechanicus Standard Grey
Citadel Leadbelcher
Citadel Retributor Armour
Citadel Liberator Gold
Citadel Averland Sunset
Citadel Warpstone Green
Citadel Deepkin Flesh
Citadel Ushabti Bone
Citadel Fulgurite Copper
Vallejo Black
Vallejo White
Vallejo German Grey
Vallejo Model Air Chrome
Vallejo Base Flesh

Citadel Nuln Oil
Citadel Agrax Earthshade
Citadel Seraphim Sepia
Citadel Druchii Violet
Citadel Carroberg Crimson
Citadel Fuegan Orange
Citadel Casandora Yellow
Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade
Citadel Reikland Fleshshade

Citadel Necron Compound

Army Painter Wargamer: Character Brush
Citadel Medium Layer Brush
Citadel Medium Layer Brush (OOOOLD)