Blood of the Phoenix unboxing

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Eldari post of the blog. This page was missing some spice, and by spice I mean our pointy eared xenos forces. They are sleek, they are lethal and they were there before mankind was even born. Pretty cool, eh?

This week’s post comes from the hand of your favourite goddess She Who Thirsts on a special collaboration for The Brush and Boltgun.

Blood of the Phoenix box

“The Great Rift has opened, and the galaxy will never be the same. For the Aeldari, it brings renewed hope as well as horror, for Ynnead is rising, and when she awakens fully, their race will be reborn…”

These are the opening lines introducing the new boxset by Games Workshop featuring a battle between Aeldari forces in the dark days of the 41st Millennium. The box is full of miniatures from both Eldar and Drukhari armies that will not disappoint you. It includes redesigns of your old favourite Banshees and the much awaited Jain Zar as well as a brand new Drazhar, leading new Incubi models.

Jain Zar vs Drazhar

Phoenix Lord Jain Zar will have to fight a warband of Drukhari led by the infamous Drazhar, Master of Blades. The rumour says this character could be Arhra, the first Phoenix Lord of the Striking Scorpions before he was corrupted to walk the Path of Damnation.

Banshees vs Incubi

Two brand new sprues with deadly troops. The Mirrorswords of the Howling Banshees will have to face the Demiklaives of the Incubi. These new models have never looked better. Dynamic new poses with matching bases that will surely look epic on the battlefield.

Eldar forces

The choice of the eldar faction includes a selection of big flyers. The Falcon grav tank and the Vyper jetbike will make things complicated for the Drukhari. They come with a selection of heavy weapons including bright lances, starncannons and missile launchers.

Druchari forces

The space pirate troops will rely on numbers as opposed to size of weaponry. Hellions, scourges and a vyper are the choice for this army. All of them with a huge selection of interchangable pieces that will make your army look unique.

Extra pieces

Of course they didn’t forget to add lots of transfers to recreate your favourite aeldari forces nor the bases on different sizes and shapes for all your troops. As well as the glass windows for your aeldari flyers which come in separate blisters.

Booklets and more

This box is big, it is so big that they actually decided to include two booklets on it. One of them is your much needed assembly guide, 16 pages of cleaning and assembling miniature fun. The other one is basically a mini codex with all the basic information and datasheets for your characters and rules and missions for your new armies. They actually look like lots of fun.

A nice touch in the box is that it actually comes with a poster of the battle of Drazhar and Jain Zar surrounded by Banshees and Incubi. A pretty piece of art to put up in your wall.

Blood of the Phoenix Rising Collection

If you didn’t have enough with the Blood of the Phoenix standard box, you have the option to get the combo edition. It comes with the Psychic Awakening Phoenix Rising boox. It is pretty much a codex with expanded rules for Craftworlds, Drukhari and Ynnari. Because you know what? You can actually combine your Eldar and Drukhari forces together to fight agains a greater evil!

This book, not only comes with the rules and some lore about Jain Zar and Drazhar but also rules to play your favourite Ynnari characters, say the Yvraine, the Yncarne and the Visarch. Handy, as it is pretty much impossible to get the old Gathering Storm books with the rules at the moment.

A little extra which also came with this set was a very handy set of rules summary and 2 cardboard datacards for your main characters. I just wished they had datacards for all the characters as they just look pretty.

As you can see, this set will not disappoint and it promises hours and hours of entertainment. A great kit for new collectors or hobbists wanting to expand their armies. What is your opinion? Is this box worth it? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to support the blog using our affiliate links or through our Ko-Fi page.