Usually this time of year is filled with Hobby Guilt posts as we feverishly try and finish off some projects. This year, however, we’re trying to get rid of some of that grey plastic mountain. Despair not, though, it’s being replaced by something else.


This year Brush and Boltgun will be clearing out some of the Necromunda miniatures and scenery that has built up since it’s re-release last year. The best part of this is that we’ll be providing some smart tutorials while we do. We all have gangs, but whether or not they’re put together or painted is another matter.

In the coming weeks there will hopefully be a few Necromunda videos of miniatures and scenery, as well as a few blog posts with similar.

My aim for this is to finish off all the Goliaths which I’ve accumulated. Currently there’s 1/20 painted and I need to improve that ratio. To add variety, ten have been armed with one of the Forge World weapons packs (the Heavy Bolter one, obviously). Also, I’d like to finish off most of the Dark Uprising scenery and a few of the miniatures. If Enforcers or Corpse Grinders are your bag, you’re in luck.

If Necromunda’s not your bag, do not despair, there’s plenty of content here and on our youtube channel to keep you going, and come the New Year there’ll be more Non-Necromunda posts.

Necromonthda begins!

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