Thermic Plasma Conduits part 2

If you’ve not seen part 1 of the Thermic Plasma Conduits guide, you can find it here.

There’s a number of details on the plasma vents that look a lot like brass plaques and I painted them up like a small golden version. It’s a very simple method. First paint with Citadel Retributor Armour, Wash with Citadel Agrax Earthshade then reapply the Retributor Armour, being sure to leave some of the Agrax Earthshade around the bolts and in the recesses. Next, highlight using Citadel Liberator Gold followed by an edge highlight of a Liberator Gold and Vallejo Model Air Chrome mix. The edge highlight should only be applied to the top edges where the plague would catch the light.

Similarly, the copper piping was painted using a really simple method. After an initial base coat of Citadel Fulgurite Copper they were washed with Citadel Agrax Earthshade befor reapplying the Fulgurite Copper. While there’s not a lot of detail on the pipes, I tend to leave the shade around the edges of any brackets, or where the pipes join onto the main conduit. With that done I did a light drybrush of Citadel Dry paint, Sigmarite which gives it a nice highlight.

Now I’m not going into any great detail with the Control Points as they’re painted using all the techniques on this page and part 1. The only thing that isn’t covered below is the small, green terminal screen. This was painted with a base coat of Citadel Waaagh! Flesh, washed with Citadel Biel-Tan Green before reapplying Waaagh! Flesh to the screen. I then used Citadel Skarsnik Green and an Army Painter Wargamer Character brush to paint the text on the screen.

Again, the other side of the Control Point was painted using all the previous techniques, with the addition of the two skulls. These were painted with Citadel Rakarth Flesh, washed with Citadel Seraphim Sepia before reapplying the Rakarth Flesh, leaving the Sepia in the recesses. It was highlighted only once using Rakarth Flesh with a spot of white added to lighten it.

The plasma fusion batteries were given a really quick but effective paint job, using all the previous techniques. The only additional points on them were using a piece of blister pack sponge to make the red and yellow casings look chipped. I used Vallejo Model Air Chrome for this.

With the final parts finished, that’s all the Thermic Plasma Conduits from the Necromunda Dark Uprising box completed and ready for the gaming table. They’re quick and easy methods, but they work great.

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