Palanite Enforcers in Judge colours, part 1

Necromunda: Dark Uprising, what can we say about it? Well, we can say that it’s an exceptional box for Necromunda. As well as the really nice Zone Mortalis scenery there’s two superb gangs in there, the Palanite Enforcers (and Subjugators) and the Corpse Grinder Cult. The Enforcers are the armoured brutes that enforce the rule of the hive, while the Corpse Grinder Cult are the chaps who used to help process the corpses into food, hopefully biscuits like Soylent Green, but who started to like unprocessed meat, then warm meat and worshipping the Lord of skin and sinew (IT’s KHORNE, FOR THE EMPEROR’S SAKE!). Turns out they’re a gang of loons who are intent on eating everything in sight – ‘What about their legs? They don’t need their legs’.

While Adeptus Arbites used to be in the Necromunda of old’s rules, they’ve since been moved up the Imperial pipeline so they wouldn’t stoop so low as to hang around in the Underhive, and so the Enforcers are here. The Arbites looked very much the Judges from Judge Dredd, while the Enforcers look less like Judges, but that hasn’t stopped me from basing the paint scheme on them. If you want your enforcers to say ‘I am the law’ and look the part, you’re in luck!

The pouches and holsters vary from miniature to miniature, but they’re all the same colour, which is a stroke of luck.

I started them off with a smooth coat of Citadel Waaagh! Flesh washed with Citadel Biel-Tan Green. The Waaagh! Flesh was then reapplied leaving the Biel-Tan Green in the recesses. The first highlight used Waaagh! Flesh with a little Citadel Skarsnik Green added, and this was applied to the areas that would be catching the most light, so on the top edges, or the topside of any smaller pouches or protrusions. I added a little more Skarsnik Green to the mix and did an extreme highlight to the edges of the previous areas.

The armour plates are a very similar colour, but different enough that they don’t blend in with the pouches too much. Starting off with Waaagh! Flesh, the plates were washed with Biel-Tan Green before having the Waaagh! Flesh reapplied. When reapplying the Waaagh! Flesh I tended to leave the underside of the armour plates so that it was just the Biel-Tan Green layer. Next up, I added some White (Vallejo in this case) and highlighted all the areas that would be catching the light if it was shining from above. Once done, I added more White and added extreme highlights to the edges and areas that would be catching the most light.

Gold! I’m not sure why, but I love painting gold! I tend to keep to the same recipe no matter what I’m painting. The Enforcers were no different. Citadel Retributor Armour was applied, washed with Citadel Agrax Earthshade, then the Retributor Armour was reapplied. Again, I tried to keep the Retributor Armour to the topside of the gold areas, so while all the gold strips on the shoulders had it applied right across the top, the front of the helm only had it on the top 50% or so, and a thin strip at the bottom.

Next was a highlight of Citadel Liberator Gold which was used at each end and the centre of each of the shoulder strips, and in a U-shape at the top of the gold on the front of the helm. Mixing some Vallejo Model Air Chrome to the Liberator Gold gave the final extreme highlight, which was used on the very tips of the shoulders, and lightly across the top edge of each strip. It was also used to do a kind of outline around the edge of the gold on the helm.

Despite using Judge Colours, I did want the Necromunda logo on the front of the chest. It was pretty straight forward for the most part. The disc was painted with Citadel Averland Sunset, washed with Sepia before reapplying Averland Sunset, leaving the edges faded into the Sepia in the recesses. Next I used Citadel Yriel Yellow to paint a crescent on the top half of the disc. After this came the task of painting on the logo. For this I tried to break it down into sections, starting with horizontal lines, then the roughly vertical lines, then working on the details. It’s not perfect, but this is another excellent opportunity to paint freehand, and with sixteen logos across the whole squad, I’m hopeful I’ll be half-decent at them by the end.

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