A Gentleman’s Agreement (part 2)

When we decided on doing this ongoing series of posts, the thoughts were on the pressure that builds up knowing that we’d be trying to get everything finished for a set time and the madness that can bring. I failed March to War last year with too many low cost large ork vehicles – “NEVER DO ORKS DURING MARCH TO WAR!” is my advice. So what does the year bring for me? Well like Adam I’m going to try and get some full projects finished. I have a terrible tendency to jump onto the next big project without finishing the previous one, which means that I have a large number of projects yet unfinished.

I spend a lot of time painting up miniatures for videos and blog posts, so never really spend a huge amount of time on a specific force, but this year, I intend to! For the Gentlemen’s Agreement I’m going to be trying to finish off the ones that are, as yet, still unfinished. So here we go!

Black Legion

I started these chaps when they were released and hammered through them in a series of video tutorials and blog posts last year, and ground to a halt by December. After concentrating on them for so long I found that I just wanted a break, and so moved onto some Necromunda stuff.

Three months later, and the three miniatures and two rhinos are still watching me from the shelf, so I feel I should get them finished.

Project Age: April 2019

Painted Count:

Difficulty Expected: 2/10

Sons of Horus

Just like their 40k counterparts, the Sons of Horus fell short of just about being completed. There are three vindicators that need a lot of work, and around 11 infantry and tanks that need the detailing adding to them – iconography, writing, warning stripes, etc. so I would like to get them completely finished.

It isn’t that long of a job, but the detailing will take a while and that’s what will put me off. I also think there’s a natural aversion to finishing an army. I’m thinking though, that this will be one of the projects I finally finish this year.

Project Age: 2017

Painted Count:

Difficulty Accepted: 3/10

Stormcast Eternals

These are my go to for an enjoyable painting session. I just love them and still not certain why. I originally bought into them with the initial Stormcast vs Khorne starter box (I ended up getting rid of the Khorne half despite how good they were), and picked up some more bits as time went by until I had a huge force that covered the shelf. In what some would call foolish I also signed up for the Mortal Realms magazine, so there’s more Stormcast on the way.

Project Age: 2016

Painted Count: 17/86

Difficulty Expected: 8/10

The Hammers of Sigmar

Bolt Action US Airborne

Ideally I want these finished for the 6th June when we’re hopefully having an Operation Overlord series of games. I’ve worked out a colour scheme for them, and then put them on a shelf, so they do need a lot of work. As it stands they’ve all been sprayed green, and one miniature is in base colours.

Project Age: 2018

Painted Count: 0/42

Difficulty Expected: 7/10

101st Reporting for paint

Necromunda Goliaths

Ah, Necromunda, much loved but rarely played – I think we can all agree, we need to play more. I loved the new Goliath miniatures so ended up with two boxes worth. While I’ve been painting up a few of the scum and bounty hunters for tutorials, I’ve not really touched on the Goliaths completely, they’re all in various stages of completion, so I need to pull my finger out and complete them.

I painted up one for a video tutorial, but even he isn’t 100% finished as I want to add tattoos and skull facepaints. I also need to finish the rest of the blog tutorial parts for them, as I’m a little annoyed I haven’t yet.

Project Age: April 2019

Painted Count: 0/20

Difficulty Expected: 6/10

The Misfits Goliath Gang… Still missing paint…

Death Guard

I both love and hate the Death Guard. When they first came out they were all I painted for a while, and they formed the bulk of the videos and posts I did when Brush and Boltgun was first set up. I’d never liked Death Guard prior to this, they just looked like slightly overweight marines who didn’t keep their kit in good order. Turns out the new miniatures were exceptional, and my love for them was pretty much instant. The hate came from how much time they can take to paint as there is that much detail in them. As the relentless slog of batch painting took it’s toll, I was finally finished off by Mortarian who was so detailed he took an age to paint. As it happens, the urge to resume them has risen again.

The main issue I have is the numbers of miniatures. I’ve picked up a small horde of Renegade Militia to fight alongside them (Cadian legs with the Forgeworld renegade militia torsos), twenty cultists, and three squads of converted Cadians to add to the militia. There’s about 80 militia and cultists in total, some renegade ogryn, vehicles and some Death Guard miniatures still on the sprue. I can’t help but feel, if I paint all of them, I’ll not paint anything else. Pictured is just some of the Death Guard force I have…

Project Age: April 2017

Painted Count: 2/20

Difficulty Expected: 10/10

Adeptus Titanicus

For Adeptus Titanicus I have a small force of Legio Xestobiax which are nowhere near completed. The detail on them will make them quite difficult to paint up, but they do look spectacular. I also have a lot of scenery for AT, so I’ll be aiming to finish that as part of the Gentlemen’s agreement if I choose them. The amazing thing about the AT miniatures, is that, they’re so detailed that even with just base coats they look superb. I want them finished though, and there’s only one way to do that.

Project Age: August 2018

Painted Count: 0/13

Difficulty Expected: 6/10



So, there’s a lot of projects, and I want to get three done and finished this year. Realistically the Death Guard won’t be, even if I paint nothing but them. My aim is going to be the Black Legion (five miniatures including two rhinos), as I can do some videos for them, the Sons of Horus as I can record some freehand icons and effects, and there’s only around eleven infantry and details on six tanks.

I think I can manage those with ease, but want to paint up the US Airborne too. We’d planned for some gaming around D-Day this year, but due to the Coronavirus that’s probably not going to happen now. I would like to get them finished for future gaming though. Finally I think I may be able to manage the Goliaths. No guarantees, but that’s the aim.

Black Legion
Sons of Horus
US Airborne
Necromunda Goliaths.

One force I haven’t mentioned which I’m also working on is the British Navy forces from Warlord Games’ Cruel Seas. I may have set the bar too high already, but time will tell!