Video ‘How to paint Howling Griffons Primaris Intercessors’

I this tutorial I’ll be showing how to paint a Howling Griffons Primaris Intercessor from start to finish. The Tactical markings and Chapter Badge are covered in the standard fashion, but I’ll be adding two shorter videos showing how I painted them from start to finish.

A full list of paints used can be found below the video.

Citadel Khorne Red
Citadel Mephiston Red
Citadel Evil Sunz Scarlett
Citadel Wazdakka Red
Citadel Rakarth Flesh
Citadel Warboss Green (Or Vallejo German Cam Bright Green)
Citadel Averland Sunset
Citadel Yriel Yellow
Citadel Retributor Armour
Citadel Liberator Gold
Citadel Mournfang Brown
Citadel Rhinox Hide
Vallejo Black
Vallejo White
Vallejo Flesh Base
Vallejo German Grey
Vallejo Model Air Chrome

Citadel Nuln Oil
Citadel Agrax Earthshade
Citadel Seraphim Sepia
Citadel Druchii Violet
Citadel Biel Tan Green
Citadel Reikland Fleshshade
Citadel Carroberg Crimson

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