Video ‘Save your paints: How to make and use a Wet Palette’

In this short video I’ll be showing how to make the same kind of wet palette that I’ve used for years. It costs next to nothing to build, and in buying the parts initially you’ll have enough spare kitchen towel and grease proof paper to last for ages.

I’ll also be showing how I use it, and how I mix paints on the palette. One of the best things about using a wet palette is that it stops your paint pots drying out so quickly. It can keep your paint mixes wet and useable for longer than they usually would be, so they’re definitely worth using. I’ve always used this type as they’re so cheap to make, and it’s always worked well for me. One thing to be aware of is that if the paints are left for too long they will thin and then separate, but if you’re using the paint in one sitting you’ll be fine.

To make a wet palette you’ll need:

Plastic Takeaway (fastfood) carton
Kitchen Towel
Greaseproof Paper/Baking Parchment

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