Aarghtober- A well named month for Pike and Shotte!

Adam: After last month’s successes, where I finished more than my allotted number of models, I was riding high and hoping to sprint ahead with this army. Unfortunately, work had other ideas and this month has been particularly crazy.

Looking on the bright side, as we all should at the moment, I have done a lot of preparation work on some new models for next month’s witterings (November-theme pun to be decided) and also completed the Milanese pike block.

In terms of new models, I have bought some Shotte from the fantastic Assault Group, to go with my Pike: one unit for each of the Milanese and French. I also bought a French cannon and some French Gendarmes to round out the force.

It’s still nowhere near being completed or big enough for a proper Pike and Shotte game but looks more like an army now when laid out on the table! his should keep me occupied until December at least. In terms of Aarghtober (sorry), I never even got my pirates out of the box.

Next month we are hoping to work on some Necromunda too, as it’s a bit of a tradition for the B&B guys to work on Necromunda in November. For me, I’m hoping to complete my part-finished Cawdor gang that I started last year. I don’t want it to become a tradition that I work on the same 10 models each year…

However, my priority for November has to be completing my two arquebusier units and the three Generals, who have patiently waited three months and still aren’t complete. Wish me luck!

Rob: After last month I was feeling pretty confident, I’d finished one unit and had started a second – a twenty man unit of handgunners/Landsknechts Arquebusiers . This was outstanding progress, and I was very pleased. Riding the waves of triumph from last month, I continued working on the second (unfinished) unit, and started on a third – another twenty man unit of pikemen. So how did I get on?

All in all, not bad, but neither unit is finished. The handgunners are about 90% complete, and the pikemen are about 60% complete, but I’ve just not managed to cross the finish line with either. One thing I have done though, Is start to work out the best way for me to use the Contrast paints. With the handgunners the black and yellow patterns (definitely not the colours for Nuln!) I quickly realised that the Iyanden Yellow Contrast can be overpainted with the Black Templar Contrast, so I could paint most of the miniature in yellow, then paint any black into the slashes in the uniform. However, I’ve found that for the contrasts to work properly, you need to put a decent amount on, which means keeping the black out of the yellow recesses is nigh on impossible. Not a worry though, as it’s really easy to paint the slashes with white and the yellow can then be reapplied! Success! Here’s a few more pictures of where they’re up to.

The Landsknechts Pikemen I’ve gone for the more traditional Landsknecht route this time with more varied flamboyant colours and the colours look stunning. While these are far from complete, the bulk of the initial colours are done, and there’s not many left to paint on. After that it’s just going to be highlights and details.

Since the start of Pike and Shottember I’ve managed to do what every hobbyist (bar Adam) does, and buy more for the army before finishing what I have. So I now have a unit of mounted pistoliers and a unit of Gendarmes too. Also another 30 missile troops…

So for November (Pike an(ovember?)d Shotte, to be on target I need to finish both units. This should be possible, but I’d like to stay ahead of the game, and so I’ll try to make a start on another unit too. Possibly the Gendarms on their nags!

That’s all from me for this month. If you have any thoughts or comments please sing out below!

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