Video ‘How to paint Éowyn, Shield Maiden of Rohan’

In this video I’ll be painting up Éowyn, Shield Maiden of Rohan. When Theoden takes the Eorlingas to Pelennor Fields in aid of Gondor, Eowyn refuses to stay behind, and instead disguises herself as a Rider of Rohan to take the fight to the forces of Mordor. I love the pose of this miniature, thrusting her blade forward, possibly into the face of the Witch King with a cry of ‘I am no man’. A great miniature of a great character. The miniature is undercoated with Halfords Matt Black Primer prior to the video.

Support Brush and Boltgun:

A list of paints can be found below the video.

Citadel Caliban Green
Citadel Warboss Green
Citadel Waaagh! Flesh
Citadel Dorn Yellow
Citadel Leadbelcher
Citadel Mournfang Brown
Citadel Rhinox Hide
Citadel Balor Brown
Citadel Rakarth Flesh
Citadel Kislev Flesh
Citadel Liberator Gold
Citadel Stormhost Silver
Citadel Mephiston Red
Vallejo White
Vallejo Black

Citadel Athonian Camoshade
Citadel Carroburg Crimson
Citadel Nuln Oil
Citadel Nuln Oil GLOSS
Citadel Agrax Earthshade
Citadel Cassandora Yellow

Citadel Gore Grunta Fur
Citadel Flesh Tearers Red
Citadel Blood Angels Red