Video ‘How to Freehand, part 1: Circles and Lines’

I’ll be doing a short (possibly long, it depends on whether anyone finds them useful) series of videos going through the method I use to paint freehand symbols and images on my miniatures. In this first one I’ll be covering the very basics, circles and lines. I go through drawing them first in pencil to explain, then painting on afterwards. Once I’ve shown and explained the techniques I’ll then show painting a basic Slaanesh symbol, as this is made up of circles, lines, or parts of circles (crescents).

The whole video is to show some little bits that we can build upon in the coming parts of the series. Let me know if you find it useful or any parts you need clarification on, and I can clarify in the next video before we move on to the next step.

Covered in this are:
Drawing a circle so it’s less wonky (draw it in quarters)
Drawing a line so it’s less wiggly (side to side is okay, up to down is better)
Painting the circle (follow the drawn one) Painting a straight line (dragging downwards)
Painting thin lines (dragging the brush away from the tip, not side to side)
Drawing then freehanding a basic Slaanesh symbol.

Support Brush and Boltgun:


Vallejo Black
Vallejo White

Other stuff
Something to paint the symbol on