Video ‘How to paint a Gnarlmaw Stray’

In this video I’ll be painting up one of the Gnarlmaw Strays from Warhammer Quest Cursed City. They’re very cool little miniatures with some great and horrible features. As well as the ribs showing through, there’s also a large piece of the face missing revealing the skull below, poor moggy. There’s a few bits I’ve done extra, as I’ve painted it like one of my cats. If you’re just painting it black then ignore the sections that are Rakarth Flesh, etc on the fur.

Support Brush and Boltgun:

Citadel Mephiston Red
Citadel Rakarth Flesh
Citadel Ushabti Bone
Citadel Averland Sunset
Citadel Mechanicus Standard Grey
Vallejo Black
Vallejo White
Vallejo German Grey

Citadel Carroburg Crimson
Citadel Seraphim Sepia
Citadel Casandora Yellow

Citadel Blood for the Blood God