Video ‘How to paint Imperial Fists’

In this video I’ll be showing how to paint Imperial Fists Space Marines. A glorious chapter in vibrant yellow, it was reasonably fun to paint up. Nice to have another Original Chapter completed.

Prior to starting the miniature was sprayed with Army Painter Desert Yellow.

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Citadel Averland Sunset
Citadel Yriel Yellow
Citadel Flash Gitz Yellow
Citadel Dorn Yellow
Citadel Mephiston Red
Citadel Evil Sunz Scarlet
CItadel Wild Rider Red
Citadel Ahriman Blue
Citadel Retributor Armour
Citadel Liberator Gold
Citadel Mournfang Brown
Citadel Rakarth Flesh
Vallejo Black
Vallejo White
Vallejo Model Air Chrome

Citadel Nuln Oil
Citadel Nuln Oil Gloss
CItadel Agrax Earthshade
Citadel Fuegan Orange
Citadel Druchii Violet
Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade