Video ‘How to Paint Winter Camo’

In this short video I’ll be white washing a Bolt Action Russian IS-2 tank that I painted up in a previous video, getting it ready for combat in winter conditions, where a deep green tank hull would stick out like a sore thumb. I was hesitant to do this as I really loved the finished product on the last vehicle, but it needed white washing, and after weeks of trial and error (that poor old predator…) I got the effect I was looking for. It’s simple and effective, and with the added weathering you can get them looking great on the tabletop.

Another method of white washing vehicles to great effect can be found here:

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Vallejo White (watered down to a milky consistency)
Mephiston Red (for the numbers and Russian Star)
Thondia Brown (to sponge on for paint chips)

Dirty Down Rust (this is awesome stuff)
Vallejo Pigments – Medium Iron Oxide, Rust, Burnt Umber
Forgeworld Pigment – Black Soot

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