Video ‘How to: Paint Glass Bottles’

While painting up the Bioligus Putrifier for a video, I realised that about 20% of the miniature is bottles of some description, so, I held off on painting to do this video. This week, I’ll be taking you through a quick and easy method to paint glass bottles.   Thanks for watching, and if you… More Video ‘How to: Paint Glass Bottles’

The Brush and Boltgun “Hobby Guilt” Season

Here at the Brush and Boltgun we have decided that November and December will be our “Hobby Guilt” months. “What does that mean?” I hear you ask. Well, rather than starting a new challenge, we thought it would be a good idea to make some progress on all of those half finished hobby projects that… More The Brush and Boltgun “Hobby Guilt” Season

Painting Basics: Painting Red

This tutorial goes along with the Painting Red Video which we put up not long ago, and is a basic step by step breakdown on that, but also showing the difference that different washes can make. On the video I was painting a Chaos Terminator Lord’s cloak red, and used Citadel Druchii Violet – you’ll notice… More Painting Basics: Painting Red

Painting Basics – Glass bottles

One of the things I’ve found myself painting an increasing amount of in the past few years, is glass bottles, be they on the waist of the Sanguinor, or a Frostgrave apothecary. This has become even more apparent since I started getting scenery and miniatures ready for Dead Man’s Hand, a Wild West miniatures game.… More Painting Basics – Glass bottles

Christmas in the Underworld – Demons from Frostgrave

Frostgrave, where to start? Well, A while ago, one of my pals, Phil, pointed out Frostgrave to me. Now loving Necromunda, and missing the opportunity for Mordheim through lack of people to game with, I loved it on sight. Literally. Six months later I have loads of stuff for it and have yet to play… More Christmas in the Underworld – Demons from Frostgrave