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Video Series: How to Fix Matt Varnish Clouding

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How to: Paint gore and open wounds on Death Guard, Pox Walkers and Zombies

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Summer Hobby Challenge: Ferrus Manus and Horus Lupercal Week 6 Update

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Video "How to: Paint corroded weapons"

Adeptus Mechanicus, Frostgrave, Hobby, News, Painting Basics, Techniques

Painting Basics: Painting Red

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How to paint Space Wolves part 2: Geigor Fell-Hand painted as Bran Redmaw, Wolf Lord

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Storage review and desk tour: Hobbyzone Modular Workshop System

News, Painting Basics, Techniques, Video, Videos

How To Video Series: Painting Red


Frostgrave, News, Painting Basics, Techniques

Painting Basics – Glass bottles

Chaos Space Marines, Fantasy, Frostgrave, News, Painting Basics, Techniques, Warhammer 30k

Painting Basics: Bone


Painting Basics, Techniques, Video

How to: Paint Gemstones

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Painting basics: Gemstones


How To, Painting Basics, Scythes of the Emperor, Sons of Horus, Space Marines, Techniques, Warhammer 40k

Painting Basics: Battle Damage

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Painting Basics, Techniques, Warhammer 30k, Warhammer 40k

Painting basics – Tempered Metal effect

Painting, Sons of Horus, Warhammer 30k

Sons of Horus Breachers

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