Basing Your Models for the Best Effect

Often it seems that my posts are in a reaction to something Rob has posted (yes, I am that petty), but I like to think they’re also good techniques that you can employ to improve your miniatures as well. Rob posted a blog post about using the bases of your models for baiting your opponent… More Basing Your Models for the Best Effect

Painting Basics: Painting Red

This tutorial goes along with the Painting Red Video which we put up not long ago, and is a basic step by step breakdown on that, but also showing the difference that different washes can make. On the video I was painting a Chaos Terminator Lord’s cloak red, and used Citadel Druchii Violet – you’ll notice… More Painting Basics: Painting Red

Adeptus Mechanicus – Skitarii Part 3

Back in February I posted the first two parts of a painting blog for my Skitarii. I was trying to get them ready for a doubles tournament and my local Games Workshop, so I decided that, rather than posted more blogs as to their progress, I should probably concentrate on getting them as close to… More Adeptus Mechanicus – Skitarii Part 3

Adeptus Mechanicus – Skitarii

So, I’ve been continuing with my Skitarii. The next stage is layering the cloaks with Citadel Pallid Wych Flesh. Here they are half and half to see the comparison between Pallid Wych Flesh and Rakarth Flesh. And then completed: Before finishing the white cloaks, I thought it would be a good idea to paint the… More Adeptus Mechanicus – Skitarii

Adeptus Mechanicus

So, I’m currently painting some Adeptus Mechanicus (Skitarii) stuff for a local doubles tournament. I’ve gone for the Metalica forge world, apparently because I’m mad. I basecoat all my models with an airbrush and Vallejo’s black primer. This is my Onager before painting. My Skitarii rangers are a bit further along: The metal parts were… More Adeptus Mechanicus