Saga Sunday- Carolingians and Pesky Proelium

It is now five weeks since my first post regarding my Carolingian force. To be honest, the amount of progress I have achieved during this time came as a bit of a shock to me. I have been quite busy since I started painting them, thanks to work, and I have also found dealing with the non-uniform… More Saga Sunday- Carolingians and Pesky Proelium

Saga Sunday- Carolingians

One month on since my last post on Brush and Boltgun and I have managed to change a pile of unpainted metal Carolingians into, well, a partially painted pile of metal Carolingians! I have had great fun painting these models. I am a massive fan of some of the Gripping Beast miniatures, whilst others fall into the ‘questionable’… More Saga Sunday- Carolingians