The Hobby Guilt 2018 – Part 1

Welcome to another annual edition of Hobby Guilt, where we’ve realised that we really do have too many miniatures that need painting. With Christmas imminent, and we hope the arrival of many more models, we thought it would be best to finish off some of the things we already have. So let’s see what we… More The Hobby Guilt 2018 – Part 1

“I go, you go… we go?” The ‘Turn’ in Different Gaming Systems

In the simplest of games, it is accepted that players take turns. It is drummed into us from an early age. As we grow up and start playing board games, everyone still gets their turn, one after the other. Monopoly is a good example. In the majority of wargames, this holds true too. As gamers, we… More “I go, you go… we go?” The ‘Turn’ in Different Gaming Systems

Painting Basics – Glass bottles

One of the things I’ve found myself painting an increasing amount of in the past few years, is glass bottles, be they on the waist of the Sanguinor, or a Frostgrave apothecary. This has become even more apparent since I started getting scenery and miniatures ready for Dead Man’s Hand, a Wild West miniatures game.… More Painting Basics – Glass bottles