Hobby Guilt 2018 – Part 6

Welcome to another exciting (?) instalment of Hobby Guilt, where the chaps at the Brush and Boltgun try and work through some of the unbuilt and unpainted miniatures that litter our hobby spaces like dead leaves litter the streets at this time of year. Rob: Over the past two weeks there’s been limited hobby time,… More Hobby Guilt 2018 – Part 6

Hobby Guilt – Christmas Edition

Rob: Well, it’s the Christmas Edition, but there’s nothing festive about this week’s painting. With work’s parties and day to day life, there’s not been too much in the way of painting other than finishing off the Stormcast Eternals for Wednesday’s post: I’ve also been working on the Khorne Bloodbound a little, though not a… More Hobby Guilt – Christmas Edition

Hobby Guilt Season 3rd Update

Adam: Hi all. Apologies for missing last week’s instalment. Travelling with work got in the way, so all that really happened was that my models from Perry miniatures arrived, and there was much rejoicing. Unfortunately, this week’s progress hasn’t been particularly exciting either. This hobby challenge is definitely proving more of a grind than Blitzkrieg.… More Hobby Guilt Season 3rd Update

The Brush and Boltgun “Hobby Guilt” Season

Here at the Brush and Boltgun we have decided that November and December will be our “Hobby Guilt” months. “What does that mean?” I hear you ask. Well, rather than starting a new challenge, we thought it would be a good idea to make some progress on all of those half finished hobby projects that… More The Brush and Boltgun “Hobby Guilt” Season