March to War 2018 – 10th Update

Ten updates! Count them, ten! That’s ten whole posts of hobby goodness from us here at the Brush and Boltgun. We’re well into the challenge now, with only a couple of weeks left for us to get 2018 points both built and painted. Let’s see how we’re getting on… Mike: I’m not going to do… More March to War 2018 – 10th Update

Hobby Guilt and The Last Crusade

Mike: I started the Hobby Guilt season with a lot of optimism. It was, after all, my idea. I thought, ‘great, I can finally clear out some of these models that I’ve been working on before starting on our March to War 2018 competition in January’. As you’ve seen, fate and time transpired against me.… More Hobby Guilt and The Last Crusade

Hobby Guilt – Christmas Edition

Rob: Well, it’s the Christmas Edition, but there’s nothing festive about this week’s painting. With work’s parties and day to day life, there’s not been too much in the way of painting other than finishing off the Stormcast Eternals for Wednesday’s post: I’ve also been working on the Khorne Bloodbound a little, though not a… More Hobby Guilt – Christmas Edition