Saga Sunday: Poles Apart 3. A Useable Force

For a project that was meant to finish mid-October, I have some explaining to do. Alas, with these things life and sometimes massive hobby distractions get in the way. In this case, It was definitely the former, ripping the spare room out and starting from scratch. Now that’s out the way, I am finally able… More Saga Sunday: Poles Apart 3. A Useable Force

Saga Sunday- Carolingians

One month on since my last post on Brush and Boltgun and I have managed to change a pile of unpainted metal Carolingians into, well, a partially painted pile of metal Carolingians! I have had great fun painting these models. I am a massive fan of some of the Gripping Beast miniatures, whilst others fall into the ‘questionable’… More Saga Sunday- Carolingians